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Our original plan was to spend 1 full day exploring Milan and then fly home early the next morning. American Airlines thought we needed an extra day (or doesn’t maintain their planes well) and so we spent 2 days in Milan. It’s not the worst thing in the world to get an extra day in Italy, so we didn’t complain…too much!

Milan is different than the other Italian cities we visited. Much of it was destroyed in WWII bombing and so it is feels a little more generic than Rome or Florence. But it is still Italy so even here you will have the opportunity for jaw-dropping moments. We had 3 big ones.

  1. The Duomo in Milan is beautiful and majestic. I recommend including access to the roof on your ticket. The views are spectacular and you get to see the intricate architecture of the buttresses. We spent most of the morning exploring the church and then came back later in the day to do the roof.

Side note: when you buy your ticket there will likely be a crazy long line…use one of the self-serve kiosks, it’s waay easier and there is a person around to help. Expect long lines to get into the church and to go to the roof.

2. The Last Supper is in Milan. To visit DaVinci’s famous art piece will take some forethought as the museum only lets 20 people in at time. It’s great because you get the time and space to really enjoy it without hundreds of smelly tourists bumping you.

I believe you have to be a part of tour to get into The Last Supper, and I would recommend so the Hidden Gems Walking Tour. It was so much fun and we learned a lot about DaVinci and the painting, as well as, got to see some of the Milan sites we might’ve missed. This tour was probably my favorite tour and that says a lot because we they were all good.

3. The Castello Sforzesco was the third highlight of our time in Milan. We ended up visiting twice! Originally we went at the end of day 1 and just walked around the grounds a bit. When we ended up with our extra day, we decided to go back and visit the museums that are housed in the fortress.

The big thing to see at the Castello Sforzesco is Michaelangelo’s last work, Rondanini PietàEven unfinished, the pieta is incredible and it is cool how you can see the process of creating these gorgeous marble structures as some areas were closer to completion than others.

We also at well in Milan. On our first “last night” in Milan, we escaped the rain at the charming little steakhouse, Ronchi 78. The evening was perfect, we had delicious food, amazing wine, and delectable tiramisu. It was the perfect way to end our amazing trip…so we thought!


On our second (and hopefully the last for this trip) “last night”, we went to Trattoria Milanese in the Navigli area of Milan. Our waiter was wonderful. He brought out prosecco to start the meal (first step in becoming my best friend) and made sure we were well taken care of all evening. The rating on Trip Advisor is low in my opinion, this restaurant gave a wonderful dining experience and the food was delicious (so good that walking back to the hotel was painful)!


I had always said that I didn’t want to go to Italy unless I was in love. In my mind it was too romantic of a place to be alone in. I’m so glad I waited to visit this beautiful country with my love and explore it’s ins and outs together. For me, doing this trip with Ryan made it that much more EPIC! (Although, being single should not stop you from visiting. Italy is for everyone. And who knows, maybe you would fall in love in Italy!)

I hope you enjoyed reliving our trip with me! At a minimum hopefully I’ve given some useful information or ideas for your next trip!




P.S. The European Union passed a law that says passengers with flight delays greater than 3 hours from the EU deserve to be compensated 350-700 Euros depending on the length of delay. If you are traveling back from a European country and are delayed significantly and it’s the airlines fault, you need to contact the airline’s customer service and let them know you want compensation according to EU  261. Ryan and I each got $800 flight credits from American (you can take the cash or get a bigger amount in a flight voucher). Unfortunately if your delayed leaving the U.S. (like we also were), you are not entitled to anything unless you never got to your destination.