Whether you say “pee-can” or “peh-cahn”, there’s no denying that the onset of fall weather leaves you craving comfort food. For me and my sweet tooth, that means I’m wanting pie. (I blame Red Hen.)

The September issue of Southern Living had an excellent looking recipe for Double Chocolate Pecan Pie. Though I’m typically anti-chocolate in my pecan pie (why mess with perfection??), the accompanying photo made this particular one look irresistible.

Double-Chocolate Pecan Pie

If you’re now salivating like I am, here’s a link to the recipe, including a link to the dark chocolate piecrust.

When I asked Red Hen for the recipe for our favorite fall staple, she told me to look no further than the Karo syrup label! While she’s used other recipes over the years, she keeps coming back to the one that never fails. (recipe)

And, if those weren’t enough for you, do you remember when Emily posted about the Bacon Bourbon Pecan Pie? HELLO FALL! (If you need more bacon infused inspiration, you’ll find it, and this recipe, in this 2013 post).

If you’re looking for me, I’ll either be baking one of these pies or hiding in the closet so I can eat it without sharing!