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Part of Ryan’s birthday extravaganza week was a fun date night in the big city! (Pittsburgh is about an hour and half from Morgantown). Ryan loves Pittsburgh and I love being able to surprise my husband!

He knew we were going to dinner in Pittsburgh at super delicious Altius on Mt Washington (hello gorgeous views).

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But he didn’t know I had planned for us to stay the night at the really cool Kimpton Hotel Monaco. It wasn’t intentional, but I picked a hotel that’s seemed to be decorated specfically for me.

The building was built in 1903 and the lobby feels like an inviting parlor with a mix of Arts & Crafts and Victorian elements with a modern twist. I gawked for several minutes at the gorgeous floral chandelier hanging in the lobby (photo credit: Hotels.com – my picture did not come out).

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Interior Entrance

The “living room” had lots of bright colors and plush seating situated to encourage conversation. But my favorite part was the cute postcard writing desk. How fun is it to be able to send a loved one a postcard while on vacation? It’s a lost tradition and I appreciate the hotel bringing it back.

My second favorite part was the collection of birdcages brilliantly displayed in a large alcove, no shocker here.

But let’s face it, it was the bathroom that really sold me on the hotel. I picked the Hotel Monaco because it had a room with a soaker tub and this was supposed to be a mini-break. I had no idea that we were getting the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever been in.

I also loved the bright colors and interesting details in the room. Ryan instantly (accurately) commented on how I probably wanted to figure out how to get these two lamps into my bag without anyone noticing.

The smart use of color (and lots of color) is throughout the hotel with the wallpaper choices, even in the closet! I may have to steal the idea of the tie wallpaper for my closet (maybe shoes or purses?). Why not do something fun and punchy in that small space?

We loved our stay at the Hotel Monaco and honestly didn’t want to leave (why would we?). The next morning over waffles and hashbrowns from a Waffle House on the way home (we celebrate big!), we couldn’t stop talking about how relaxed we felt and how easy it really is to take a break for just 1 night.

I don’t know that we’ll always splurge on the “spa” rooms but I am resolved to be more deliberate about not waiting until vacation to take a break. A little pause to reflect on the important things, like how lucky you were to get to spend the previous year with your love and how excited you are for his year ahead, has to be a bigger priority. Evenings like this one are going to be the things I think about and remember with a loving smile.

Anyways, enough sappiness, if you find yourself needing a night out in Pittsburgh, go to Altius. The food, service, atmosphere is incredible. I totally recommend taking one of each from the bread tray (why should we have to choose)!


P.S. Ryan you are up next!