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This is not the year of decorations for me. Adding a tiny human into our mix has changed many a plan, and the energy to be creative and clever for holidays has been redirected to other things.

But,that doesn’t mean I am fully ignoring seasonal festivities! Ideas float around in my head constantly, and my pinterest has become full of “next time” ideas.

One thing I’d like to do in the future is decorate my dollhouse for every occasion. I am good about including a banner or a small decoration on the porch for festive occasions, but I’d like to fully commit to seasons and celebrations. Like this party

As we approach Halloween, I think of how fun it would be to transform this farmhouse into a haunted house. Cobwebs and ghosts and witches (oh my!) could be eerie without scaring, and would up my interior decor game. (gourds in a bread bowl are still all I’ve got)

Much to my surprise and delight, there’s a whole cottage industry for miniatures, and even a subset for spooky. There will be a lot of Etsy and eBay hunting over the next year while  I determine how far I want to take this. In the meantime, I’ll draw inspiration and wonder from The Bloggess’ miniature haunted mansion. (herehere, and here)