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Our house is 100 years old and while it is full of charm, among it’s quirks is that some doors won’t stay open unless propped by something. Case in point, our bedroom door.

Because our cat, Cece, is spoiled, we opt to keep the door open most of the time so she can nap on the bed or use the bench to lounge and keep tabs on the neighbors (aka stare out the front window).

Previously to keep the door open, I used one of my Keens. Not a great solution when I wanted to wear that particular shoe and the room never felt completely “clean” since not all of my shoes were in the closet. So the solution was to find a door stop.

Over Thanksgiving break, we were shopping in the cute town of Landrum, NC and found a great antique shop (with a mix of antique and new stuff) and we came across several cast iron glove mold. The funny thing about the molds is there were several in the shop and everytime we came across another one, the price tag would be $.50 lower than the one I was holding. So I’d swap them out and dropped my price by $3!

I glued some felt to the bottom so it wouldn’t scratch the floors and voila! Unique door stop that allows CeCe domain over the whole house!

I placed the hand palm out so it would be like I was getting a high five everytime I walk in or out of the room!

Our new glove mold is really handy!