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My crooked little house was converted to a mostly open concept main floor plan, which has its pros and cons. It’s been difficult to find appropriately scaled furniture for rooms that feel bigger than they actually are, especially in the dining room. When we lived in the loft, we had space FOREVER, meaning our 6 ft square table was no big deal in our space. Unfortunately, we’ve been trying to fit that square peg in what is probably better for a round table.

Fast forward a few garage sales, and we’ve ended up with a round pedestal table and a heavy rectangular one. Both poorly painted and both in need of rehab.

I prefer to use paint stripper I can use indoors, especially since Dallas has been seeing sub-freezing temps for longer than usual. This particular brand is not only pleasantly orange scented, but a real powerhouse. The gel is nice and thick, and tinted so you can track your progress. It works in as little as 30 mins and can stay wet for up to 24 hrs, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to get whatever it is off of what you’re doing! 

I know the phrase “watching paint dry” is insulting – but watching paint stripper work is fascinating! What was a relatively flat surface becomes a crumpled, almost delicate looking thing.

Turns out this rectangular table is cherry. WHO PAINTS OVER CHERRY WITH CRAPPY CHALKY PAINT?? I can’t even begin to tell you the things I said as I uncovered the gorgeous wood underneath. Unfortunately, the legs are pretty banged up, so they’ll be getting a new coat of white, while the top will get the mineral spirit clean and varnish it deserves.

The round table is oak, as I’d expected, and it’s lumpy top was not just because of a gloppy paint job, but because of significant water damage. I’ll be spending some serious time sanding this down to smooth before repainting it.

The round table better first our space for now – and I haven’t decided if all white is best, or if we should give a two tone, like a navy base, a whirl. Thoughts?

Will keep you updated as I work!