It has finally started and are progressing to our new sun-room! We have a giant hole in where our patio used to be and stacks of material throughout the backyard. It’s a mess but I don’t care because it means progress! The project was originally supposed start in October/November so we’ve been anxiously waiting for something to happen.

The plan: We are closing in the back patio with 10 (or more) windows and glass french doors leading to the back.

Our only current dining space is our formal dining room and we don’t like eating there every night so in nice weather we generally would eat on the patio. Once the sun-room is complete, we will have a casual dining space that we can enjoy our views even in the winter!

Our before picture:

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One decision we’re having to make is what to put on the outside around the windows. I want the sun-room look like it’s always been there and not look like an addition. We can either match the siding like the rest of the house or do Stonecraft and match the stone walls in the yard. What do you think we should pick? Comment below and maybe you all can make the decision for us!

The project should take 3-4 months so I will keep you all updated and likely ask for more help making decisions as we go along.