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While Emily and I work hard to ensure our small homes feel opulent, it seems there are abandoned mansions scattered about the country whose owners have done quite the opposite. One often isn’t aware of the circumstances that led to a property being vacated in a hurry – as an intentional move has the premeditation of packing and relocation of goods. While I have the tendency to go dark and twisty with my presumptions (mob interference, plague, Chernobyl) the reasons someone leaves items in a home are likely much more commonplace (ran out of room, ran out of time, no one liked that sofa anyway).

A photographer recently got in to an abandoned mansion just outside of New York City and took some beautiful, yet haunting, photos of the decor left behind. (full article here)

The most striking picture is that of the baby carriage left in the foyer – with so many questions as to why that item wasn’t brought along.

I do love an orphan chair, and the variety found in this home is both striking and inspiring.

If time and space were an issue, and you had to leave in a hurry, what of yours would be left behind for someone to find? And, what stories would it inspire?