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We’ve been slowly replacing the furniture in our crooked little house – from the large and overstuffed that fit perfectly in our loft, to scaled down, sometimes MCM (but comfy) pieces. As we’ve grown as a family, the shortage of storage in our home has become glaringly apparent. So, I’ve been on the hunt for quite some time for a pie safe that could be attractive storage with primitive flair.

I’ve been looking for probably a year. Quite honestly, it has often felt like the quest for the china cabinet I once found but didn’t buy (ughhhh).

But, patience proved to be a virtue this time around, and the most perfect primitive pie safe waddled her fat planks into my life. Based on what I know, she looks to be from the late 1800s. Her wood is solid and thick and in remarkably good shape. The interior was once painted – not terribly – and there’s an epoxied patch on one of the top corners, as if there was a significant bump that was repaired quickly. The original tin has patinaed beautifully, and the punched stars are a tribute to early craftsmanship. All in all, it’s a gorgeous piece of early American furniture.

As frustrating as the hunt can often be, it’s times like these I’m reminded of how sweet it is when the wait proves totally worth it. Once she’s moved in and fully functioning, I’ll post an update of her in her new home.