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It’s been a cold, gray winter and I hadn’t noticed how gloomy I was about it until I spent a week in sunny Florida for Spring Break. Unfortunately for me, weather-wise, I think WV is still a ways off from the sun-filled days and blooming flowers of spring. So I’ve decided if I can’t get spring outdoors, I’ll fake it inside and cheer myself up.

One of the finds I got while browsing the antique shops in Palatka, FL (more on this trip later), was this beautiful blue tablecloth. It is in great condition (one light spot that isn’t really noticeable) and was a great price ($20)! This table cloth was the inspiration for my Easter table, where I’ve mixed together the old and new to create a table that at least makes it feel like spring inside!


I started building my centerpiece by grabbing some leftover glass compotes that were used in the flower arrangements in my wedding and spread them out at the center. I then took my flow blue biscuit jar and a pitcher that I purchased at Marburger a few years ago and put them on opposite sides. These I will fill with flowers (probably this afternoon) closer to Easter.

Next, I filled in the spaces with white candlesticks, a blue glass cream and sugar (will also put flowers in these), and some Venetian glass votive dishes to fill in space. I then added the Easter egg trees for some height and filled the bowls with pastel colored paper and pastel and gold eggs.


For the place setting, I’ve topped my wedding china with a champagne glass and an egg for each place setting. My napkins are a little casual compared to some of the other stuff, but I wanted the blue accent, so I folded each and set between the dinner and salad plate. This way I get a little blue to show without making it look weird.


Easter dinner is likely going to be ribs and potato salad and baked beans, not really suited for my fancy table. But we’re not an Easter ham kind of family and I still want my pretty table so we’re going to make it work!