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Early next week we will move our furniture into the new sunroom and be able to start using it as a functional part of our house. I was going to share update photos, but decided to wait and do a big reveal of the interior once it is complete. Instead, I wanted to share a big inspiration for this project: 419 Mulholland Park, my ET’s home in Palatka, FL.

ET, my great-grandmother, was my namesake and one of the last true Southern Belles. We used to visit her home on the St. John’s River every summer until I was 14, when she passed.

My great-grandfather, Granda (his name was Charles), had the house built in 1936 from a Southern Living floorplan. It is 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, with a formal dining room, living room, and a converted sunroom/den. The house was always special to my brothers and me because it was mysterious and felt huge – – probably because we weren’t allowed to go into most of the rooms (like the formal dining and living rooms), and because we got to take baths in the square bathtub!

The backyard was huge (to me), with a grove of cyprus trees backing up to the St. John’s river, and is where we spent a lot of our time playing or running around.

We’d often run in and out of the back door from the den (a converted sun porch) to the backyard, slamming the screen door over and over. The den had brick floors, which I always thought it was the weirdest/coolest thing. It was originally a porch, and, because Granda was a bit of miser, when it was enclosed the floor wasn’t changed to hard wood or tile since it was in perfectly good condition.

We were so fortunate to be able to visit inside 419 Mulholland Park when we were in Palatka for Spring Break! The current owners were starting a major renovation, so the house was empty. They let us wander and I took a few photos.

When we started planning our new sun-room, I remembered the brick floors (they’re still there) and how unique they were and how much I loved visiting my ET. I had to create a new legacy of cool and unique rooms for the future generations of my family to remember, and having brick floors was a way to pay homage to the past and have a kick-ass sunroof! (I’ve learned from generations of decor-savvy women – and still am!)

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