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By this point, it’s already too hot to plant anything new, so it’s time to collect more sustainable decorations. So, let’s take a look back at this post from June 2012 about yard art!


It’s officially summer in Texas. In fact, I dare say it’s been summer-y since the first 90 degree day in April, but why focus on the negative?

Summer always makes me think of good gardens. Though rife with mosquitos that find my O pos absolutely delectable – gardens are a wonderful place for a conversation, a drink, a party, or just to relax. I’m surprised by how much our being in a loft makes me miss the great outdoors, and I find myself envying those who spend their cooler summer mornings with their hands deep in the earth.

The thing about gardens is – they can be just as complex, diverse, and interesting as your home. Obsolete pieces of farm equipment and old tools quickly become art. License plates and signs take on a new life. A fresh coat of paint makes everything shiny and new.

And so, enter the garden of the month: a verdant backyard that has porch made of recycled milk jugs, a path made of flagstone, and a seating area filled with vintage metal chairs.

My favorite things? The (very heavy) metal water trough that is now a flower bed, Murgatroyd – the gargoyle (she’s not vintage yet, but she’s getting there), the brightly lacquered vintage plant stands, the re-purposed Singer sewing machine stand, the metal trays that are used in place of wreaths or other decorations, and, of course, the kissing Dutch couple.

Get your knee-pads on and flower up! Or, if you’re like me, grab a sweet and light drink, and head outside to enjoy the fruits of another’s creativity and labor!