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They say necessity is the mother of invention. A recent weekend trip left me in a bit of a pickle. (pun intended) I didn’t want to pay for a house sitter when all I really needed was a plant waterer, but how do I get water on the side porch without adjusting the sprinklers or leaving the hose on?

I needed to get creative.

I have two glass waterers, but eight pots and super summer meant that wouldn’t be enough.

We don’t often have drinks in plastic bottles in the house, so I couldn’t be able to make the upside-down bottle with tiny holes I had seen on Pinterest. But, we do drink a certain bev that often comes in glass bottles, so I improvised!

I cut a finger off a nitrile work glove, fit it over the neck and poked a small hole. I buried the bottle about 2″ near the root of the plant. Gravity, suction, and dry soil handled the rest. And, happily, they worked!

Recycling at its finest.