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Oh man have Friday nights changed! Friday used to be celebration of the end of the work week, which meant happy hours, fancy dinners at new restaurants, and then hitting up the bar-scene with friends (was never really a club person). Now, many of our Friday evenings look somewhat like last night’s: a trip to Lowes, a quick dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, and starting whatever home project we have planned for the weekend. In our case the project was fixing a very leaky dishwasher hose so that our cabinet under the sink would not flood every time we washed dishes (pretty important stuff).


I’m not going to lie, when Ryan discovered all of the water under the sink (that had flooded out onto his feet) and we couldn’t figure out the source of the water (the hole wasn’t as big then), visions of having to dishes in the bathroom sink popped in my head (I wasn’t going to pay weekend or emergency rates for a plumber). Thankfully, we figured out the problem, sent the photos to our dads and neighbor with all the tools, and decided we could tackle this problem ourselves.


We pulled the dishwasher out, disconnected the hose, took it to Lowes, and got a replacement for less than $4. Feeling good about ourselves, we went to celebrate at BW3’s (woo!). We got home, the neighbors came over to lend a hand, 20ish minutes (okay maybe a little longer) later the new hose is connected, and we’re over at their place having a drink on their new patio furniture!

The story isn’t that exciting. I guess that’s part of #adulting, it’s not always exciting, but it sure does feel good. Honestly I’m generally to tired to spend hours at the bar, I always have wine at home that I enjoy, and the conversations on the patio or around the fire pit are at a decibel that I can comfortably hear. And when we do go out on a Friday evening it’s special, celebrating much more than the end of work for the week.

In other exciting #adulting news, check out my happy tomato plant! I’ve counted 15 tomatoes and I am so eager for them to ripen so I can enjoy!


Sometimes, I miss my younger years, but I am trying to stay present in life’s transitions and enjoy these too. I only get 1 shot and want to enjoy all of the stages life brings.