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My fig trees are ON FIRE this summer! [humble brag] I mean, not literally, despite the 110* temps (where *are* we?!) – but they’re the most productive they’ve been since I’ve tended them.

I currently have 2lbs of figs in the freezer, and I haven’t weighed last night’s harvest, but I’m thinking in the 3+ range. (Shiner for scale….and for gardener)

Note – if you have ripe figs that you won’t use in time, either because you need more quantify or just inspiration, freeze them! It’s surprisingly simple. Rinse the fruit carefully, minding not to tear the skin. Remove the stems, but don’t open the fruit. Lay the figs out on a wax paper covered cookie sheet, and pop in the freezer. 24-4ih to be sure they’re fully frozen, then place them in a freezer bag. To thaw, put the bag in the fridge for 24h, then remove once softened.

I saw this Bacon Bourbon Fig Jelly recipe – sounds savory and promising.

As does this Fig and Walnut Bread.

Of course there’s also every combination of cheese and salted meat with fig which is really my favorite. This Prosciutto, Fig, and Goat Cheese Star Bread recipe looks absolutely scrumptious!

Of course, I’ll be making another batch of my tried and true fig preserves. Do you have any trusted fig recipes?