Last weekend, hubs and I packed bottled water and snacks and traveled north to a place called Pilot Point. Just outside Dallas* lies a burgeoning series of suburbs, one of which holds title to the Tulip Capitol of Texas**. Welcome to Texas Tulips.

Though the initial street view made me think we’d arrived at the horticultural version of South Fork***, the place was wildly impressive once inside.

First off: When was the last time you got into a feature, be it park or otherwise, for just $2.50? Never is probably the answer – so the paltry $5 you spend to walk into their gates is worth it.

Next: How much did you spend on that last grocery store or delivery bunch of tulips, that sorely depressed you, and died after a day or two? More than $2.50 per stem, that much I can guarantee. So, again, the $20 you bring with you will go a long way. (my takehome bunch)

Let’s talk about this place – don’t imagine acres upon acres, but DO imagine ~40 varieties of tulips, some of which you’ve never seen before in your entire life****.

To be honest, I thought these “ice cream” tulips were Urban-Pinterest-Legend — turns out, they’re for real!!!

There are rows upon rows upon rows of the most incredible tulips you’ve ever seen. From those that look like the emoji 🌷, to ones as large as your hand, and everything serene and sweet smelling between – you’re in for a treat!

You’ll encounter families taking portraits, sweet babies in picking baskets, and lovers on dates roaming the field. Wear comfortable shoes – the ground is uneven, and plan to be out there a few hours – between the varieties, sometime crowds, and picking – you’ll want to have ample time to see everything you’ve driven that far for.

In conclusion: We’re receiving nothing from writing this post, but – instead – feel like we’re spreading the good word of not only local Dutch people, but incredible tulips. They’re only open for the next few weeks, so get up there! And, if you can’t make it this time, plan accordingly next spring.

All the info you need is at Texas-Tulips.com — and, you can buy your own bulbs that are Texas friendly!


*truthfully, an hour from where we live in Oak Cliff
**I don’t know if that’s true, I just claimed that
***SouthFork: the ranch made popular by the tv show(s) Dallas — rather lackluster in person compared to the grand
****Being Dutch, from Friesland, this is a HUGE claim