Mid-week Quickie: Miserable Brides

Perhaps it’s because of Emily’s recent wedding, and how absolutely EBULLIENT she was on her big day – or perhaps it’s because I have a wicked sense of humor…but I came across this post and have been giggling ever since. Here are a few of the highlights:

tAB - miserable brides 1They Were A Fastidious Couple, She Was Fast, He Was Tedious

tAB - miserable brides 2
With Her Marriage She Got A New Name And A Dress—She Wants More

tAB - miserable brides 3Love Is One Long Sweet Dream, And Marriage Is The Alarm Clock

tAB - miserable brides 4An Object In Possession Seldom Retains The Same Charm That It Had In Pursuit
Can we talk about her EPIC side-eye?!

tAB - miserable brides 5Her Mother In Law Is Already Interefering [sic] And They’re Not Even Related Yet

tAB - miserable brides 6He’ll Not Be Wearing The Pants In This Relationship

tAB - miserable brides 7Bewitched, Bewildered, And Absolutely Bothered

tAB - miserable brides 8Harry Met Sally. And Then Sally Had A Panic Attack

*Hey! It happens!

tAB - miserable brides 9It Was An Upsetting Wedding. Even The Cake Was In Tiers

tAB - miserable brides 10Hell No. (Slams Door)

You can see the full post here.



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