Bar Windows


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Childproofing our home has become more exhausting and exhaustive than I’d expected. Our friends often refer to our crooked little house as “The Museum” because of our proclivity for collecting. While I’d previously taken this as a compliment to our extensive displays, I now realize it is a bit of a curse.

As DINKs, sweet hubs and I enjoyed a full bar set up, replete with crystal decanters and vintage glasses. However, the curious (and sticky) fingers of our toddler skew towards the expensive and irreplaceable (not to mention, very breakable).

Our bar is a built-in bookcase, so finding doors or another barrier was the only way to maintain the storage capabilities. Aesthetics are important, so I wanted to find a solution that was period appropriate and looked like it could have been part of the original thought.

I found windows at Orr Reed Wrecking Co (an absolute gold mine of doors and windows and hardware, salvaged from local homes), and knew there was a way to use them like cabinet doors.

Creative thinking, hinges, and a hacksaw was all that was needed for this project. So far. I’ll be stripping off the 5+ layers of paint and staining them as soon as the weather cools.

The saw was necessary because we needed to use some of the space occupied by a windowsill. Sweet hub used a clever technique to minimize the possibility of error and extraneous effort, and the final result leaves the sill’s new shape almost imperceptible.

Will keep you posted on the finished product.