Mid-week Quickie: Baked Brie


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Baked brie is having a moment. Whether I’m on social media or paging through pinterest, every other video or recipe is about baked brie. I’m not mad about it – brie is one of those go to cheeses (who am I kidding, they’re ALL my go to cheese) that’s versatile and always a crowd pleaser.

In fact, one of my favorite hosting memories has brie at the center. I think we’d only been married a month or so when we had a couple over for dinner. Eager to impress both my husband and my dear friends with my Mrs. Domestic Goddess status, I did a jam and phyllo do baked brie for our appetizer. I’d read that it only takes 20 mins to bake, so I prepped everything the night before, then waited to pop it in the oven when our guests arrived, knowing we’d observe cocktail hour first. After 20 minutes, the crust was golden brown, but impossible to cut into. I thought I hadn’t let it warm to room temperature long enough, so I popped it back in. After an hour of baking and cutting and rebaking (and sweating the hot sweat of embarrassment), I pulled the slightly-charred round out if the oven and said “there’s obviously something wrong with this brie, as it hasn’t melted fully – but let’s just try to eat it anyway”. Our friends gamely agreed, and Christina cut the crust with force. Out oozed beautiful brie and raspberry chipotle jam…around the paper packaging of the brie. Turns out brie is wrapped in butcher-like paper AND plastic, as well as a rind. FAIL! We all had a good laugh and ate what we could.

Moral of the story? Brie always delights, and friends are gracious guinea pigs for over eager newlywed hostesses. 

And, now that I’ve whet your appetite, check out these two similar brie recipes – one of which will absolutely be served at our Haaliday party!