Project Possibilities are Springing Up!


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There are very few times when we in Texas get to brag about our weather. Right now is one of those times. While you, the rest of the country, are still experiencing the sleet, snow, and icy remnants of winter, and we are getting sunshine and 70 degrees. Granted, we’re also dodging monsoons and juking through 40 degree temperature swings — but we are still getting more sunshine than not, and that counts for everything at the end of a long, grey winter.

This is the time of year that I love to get in my garden. The lawn is slowly coming back from brown and crispy, and my evergreen mainstays are overfull and need of a healthy trim. Much like the dreaming babies in The Night Before Christmas, visions of snapdragons and creeping vinca dance in my head.

When I get my hands in the dirt, inspiration is everywhere and my creativity runs wild. And, I’m not alone. I’m in a neighborhood gardening group, and someone posted the smartest thing: a bookcase garden!

How many of us have an extra bookcase in the garage? Or see them at garage sales for amazingly cheap? Well, now we have a purpose for them!

One of my fellow gardeners pointed out that it would be unwise to plant edibles unless you’ve removed all of the existing stain or covered it appropriately. But, flower, succulent, and power plant to your heart’s content!

Go get in the dirt!