Mid-week Quickie: The Paradise


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We’ve mentioned our affinity for historical fiction television before, in the forms of Downton Abbey and Selfridges. A recent illness allowed me the absolute pleasure of discovering a hybrid show, more magical than I could have imagined! Take the drama and intrigue of Downton Abbey – the class dichotomy and related drama. Then, add in luscious fabrics, fashioned as only late 19th century styles allow, and other high-end period goods, set in the first department store in London. Mix it all together, and you have BBC’s The Paradise.

I binge watched Season One on Netflix, actually crying out at the tv during the cliff-hanging last episode. I then promptly found Season Two on Amazon Instant Video, and lay waste to the rest of my weekend that season, too.

Sadly, The Paradise didn’t make it to a third season – but the second wraps up nicely in a way that allows you to imagine the characters’ future without much distress.

Here are a few screen grabs, courtesy of BBC:

If you need an escape this holiday, or could use a family-friendly bonding experience, I highly recommend you watch!


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